Saturday, September 17, 2011

A little bit of crawling, A little bit of walking

10 Months!

"Mind of Own".  This was one of the terms lovingly placed in my baby book under "10 months."  When I read through my baby book several months ago, I thought this was funny.  Now, not so much.  I'm experiencing a little thing called karma.  Yes, Hannah is just like her mommy!  I have to say the past 10 days or so have been much better.  At it's peak, Hannah was throwing a fit everytime I tried to put her in the highchair, car seat, stroller, changing table, shopping cart (and that's in public=embarrassing), etc.  She would also grab the spoon and throw it on the floor if the food served was not up to her expectations.  There are blessings that come along with being a strong willed person, but in the midst of it, I got very frustrated.  It was the first time I have approached Hannah in frustration, and I didn't like that.  These phases change as the wind blows, so now we're in a much happier spot.  We still have a terrible struggle with clothes and diaper changes.  I take her clothes off in one room, change the diaper in another, put the other diaper on while she's on her play mat, then sneak her clothes on.  Making it a multi step process eases the blow a bit.  I know this too will change (soon, maybe?)
Hannah is a very happy baby, and I love making her laugh.  She still enjoys a good game of peekaboo or uncovering us after we put blankets on our head.  She'll squeal with delight in Kindermusik and in the pool.  She loves watching bubbles float by.  She giggles when we hang her upside down or run or bounce with her in our arms.  Her favorite book is Pat the Bunny because she loves sticking her finger through mommy's ring.  Her cups are still the #1 toy.  Her eyes get big and tongue hangs out of her mouth as she crawls over to topple the tower of cups.  Most of all, I love her huge smile when she sees Daniel after he's just come home from work.  I aid her in walking over to him.  Her little feet can't move fast enough!
Maybe I should have said Hannah's favorite toy is me.  I usually sit with her on the floor while she's playing or behind her while she's cruising on furniture.  She'll take many random play breaks to grab my clothing and try to pull up on me or turn from the furniture, arms outstretched, waiting to jump to me.  She hangs all over me, often gnawing on my left shoulder or scratching my neck during one of her Hannah hugs.  It's work having her jump all over me, but I kinda like the attention :)
Hannah is cruising on the furniture a little bit.  She does enjoy walking while holding onto my hands, especially when it's straight into my arms.  After our trip to Florida, Hannah has established something I'm willing to call crawling.  With belly on ground, resting on her left forearm, right hand for balance, she'll propel herself forward with her right leg.  The left just drags behind.  Hey, it gets her where she needs to go, but not enough to go crazy baby-proofing anything.  We can't use the Bumbo chair anymore--she jumps out.  The swing, play gym, and rock and play sleeper haven't been used in awhile, so we're finally putting those away.
We started feeding Hannah finger food at 9 months.  So far the only fingers that have successfully fed Hannah are Daniel's or my own.  She's content with raking things up, sticking them on her hand, and waving the hand over the floor until the food falls off.  She likes puffs, bananas, and the few things we've given her off our plate.  We started the sippy cup this week.  It looks like she'll be able to get that into her mouth before food.
I did a bad job taking pictures this month.  They're either from our trip to Orlando for Granddaddy's birthday or on game day.  Tis the season!
I had my very own seat!  But I preferred hanging onto Mommy.

Whoa!  It's a long way down!

This is the life!

Matching tattoos!  Gotta have a little Gator flavor!

Hannah and my cousin's baby, Grace.  Guess who's older.  It's not what it appears.

Wild ride, courtesy of Aunt Lisa.

Cute Bama outfit, but Hannah prefers her socks.

Anniversary #6

Daniel and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on August 27th.  I think our anniversaries will have new meaning now that we have Hannah.  We get to step out of our role as parents and celebrate our marriage.  It was a fun day.  Daniel has always been a good gift giver.  He goes with the traditional anniversary gift theme.  It's neat seeing what he comes up with.  This year was candy and iron.  Daniel sure knows how to spoil a girl!

We were so grateful that Parents Night Out at our church was scheduled on our big day!  Daniel took me on a tour of his new office and then to Canoe where we had a nice dinner by the water.  And got a badly lit photo.

When we went to pick Hannah up, she gave us a card she made.  So sweet!  I can't wait until I get more of these.  And when she's the one that actually crafts them!

The next weekend our family traveled to Florida.  Daniel and I got our first overnight alone.  We went to Lido Beach for a night.  It was such a nice getaway.  We loved watching the clouds roll in.  Thanks mom and dad for watching Hannah.  Hope you didn't mind too much ;-).