Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures

Speaking of very gifted friends and being blessed, a dear friend, Mandi Mitchell, took some photos of us.  We went to Dunwoody Nature Center and stopped by the DUMC pumpkin patch.  We had so much fun!  I'm 36 weeks pregnant in these pictures.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Great Furniture Snafu

Daniel and I decided to get baby Rodda a lifetime convertible crib and furniture.  Our intention is that it would indeed last our daughter a "lifetime."  Afterall, our current master bedroom furniture is my childhood furniture.  (Yes, our child will have nicer furniture than us!  Spoiled already!)

We decided to take advantage of Labor Day sales.  Surely ordering two months in advance would guarantee a perfectly set up nursery by baby's arrival. 

There are two stores in town that carried the furniture we like.  The store we chose not only had a lower price, but the owner was an Alabama alum.  The store was decked out in Bama and other SEC gear.  Daniel had been wooed.  We were told the wait on the furniture would be 6 to 8 weeks, but it was "in stock."  I thought to myself, "Why would "in stock" furniture take so long to get here?  In stock where?  China?"

Three weeks from the due date was when the six week mark hit.  Nesting mama called the store every other day all week asking for an update.  No good answer was ever given to me.  Right before I made another annoyed call to the store, I opened a letter explaining that the store had gone out of business!  I had just called the day before, and no one had told me that.  The letter told us to open a dispute with our credit card company to get the money back.  Next we could contact another store to ensure a smooth delivery of our pre-ordered furniture.  This would have worked out well, but this second store did not have a relationship with the manufacturer of our furniture. 

At this point, mama's mad as a hornet!  This totally violated my nesting instinct.  I wanted every little thing set up prior to baby's arrival.  Yes, we still have a place for her to sleep, and I know she won't need a crib right away.  Afterall, she can't even see more than 12 inches from her face when she's a newborn.  Surely she'll never know!

I spent nearly an entire day on the phone with the manufacturer and another store in town that carries our furniture.  Finally, this store agreed to pick up our order and assured us the furniture would be delivered in 3 to 6 weeks.  For an upcharge, of course. 

I resolved myself to the fact that the nursery would not be set up in time for baby's arrival.  Daniel and I got the pack and play sheets together and set the changing pad on a card table.  We stuffed her closet with every little thing that was intended to be put in the dresser drawers.  We were now ready for her to come home.

Let me tell you how excited I was today when I received a call saying our furniture was in Atlanta!  Before baby's arrival and less than two weeks after the second order was placed.  The man at the store was very proud that they were able to get the furniture before the due date.  SO ARE WE!!!

Delivery is set up for Monday.  And for the first time in a week or two, I'm hoping our little girl stalls a few days.  Oh, how I'd love to stuff all of the drawers before she comes!

A tad embarrassing

Because when you’re 39 weeks pregnant at Halloween, you just have to. 

Daniel and I decided to do this about an hour before trick-or-treating was to begin.  We could not find orange and black paint anywhere, so brown and white had to suffice.  You should have seen the look on the children’s faces when I opened the door.  I’m surprised they didn’t run.
Hello, trick-or-treaters!

How in the world did I get... HUGE!!!!

I can glow in the dark!

Along the way...

I thought I’d be better about documenting things, but here are the only “milestone” pictures we’ve taken.
19 Weeks

31 Weeks

40 Weeks

Side View of 40 Weeks

More 40 Weeks

Beyond Blessed

I’ve been praising God daily for all of the blessings that have come my way during this pregnancy.  By all indications, baby is healthy, and I’ve had a great pregnancy.  I’ve been able to work part time and be surrounded by the friendly and familiar faces of my full time days.  I give thanks every day I can sleep in and do my own thing all day, knowing those days are very numbered.  My praises recently have been for such wonderful, supportive people I’m surrounded by on a daily basis.  I cannot go to a single store and not have someone wish me well.  The ladies at Publix insist not only on taking my groceries to the car, but unloading my cart, too.  Even as a substitute teacher, the middle schoolers held open doors and made sure I was comfortable.  That’s saying a lot for a bunch of teenagers! 

The blessing go on and on…
…a family who is letting us borrow more than half the “gear” a baby could need
…friends who give an entire Saturday to rebuild our garage steps to make them sturdier
…grandparents who have been blessed with gifts and talents that they are willing to spoil us with
…first time aunts who have showered love upon their sister
…“been there, done that” parents who have given us hand me downs and many words of wisdom
…gifts and prayers from family and friends, near and far--even Brazil
…co-workers hosting a bath and books baby luncheon
…Sunday school class having a diaper drop—a class tradition
…a baby shower hosted by some dear friends.  I was overwhelmed and honored (see pictures below).

As the calendar flips to November, your calls, texts, emails, and dates are very appreciated.  Daniel and I are grateful to have so many of you to share in our excitement!