Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ooey Gooey!

I thought I'd experiment with a teether feeder.  The result was a disgusting mess, but Hannah sure seemed to enjoy!  I tried it with avocado since that is her favorite food in a repertoire of 3 foods (the others are rice cereal and sweet potato).  It was totally worth the $7 and it cleaned up pretty nicely.  Hopefully you can flip your laptop or you might get a crick in your neck!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

6 Months

The belated six month videos.  The first attempt was taken when Hannah was quite tired.  My mistake.  She shows are displeasure by taking a swing at the camera.

The second take is my sweet Hannah!

I'm not quite sure what Hannah was so frustrated about here.  She sure wishes I knew, though!

Feeding Photos

Not surprisingly, the 6 month photos I promised all center around Hannah's new, amusing activity...eating!!  Her first experience tasting 'real food' (if you call rice cereal that) was not a dream experience.  Hannah had her 6 month shots that day, so she was already in a questionable mood.  As soon as Daniel got home from work, we took off to the grocery store to buy the goods!  Hannah's bed time rolls around, so naturally, that's the best time to try something new, right?  Here's what we got.

Not to worry, in one week Hannah went from that to this.  Turns out she's more of an avocado fan.

To sum up that meal in a picture:

Friday, May 13, 2011

6 months!

Six months is a big landmark!  Not only does it mean Hannah’s been on this side of the womb for ½ a year, but I’ve had to dust off the baby books and read about solid foods and research baby sign language.  Hannah shocked me at the doctor’s office today, sitting up on her own for a few seconds.  She hadn’t done that before!  I’m yearning for the day when I don’t have to lug that heavy car seat everywhere.  At 6 months she can also wear sunscreen and bug repellent and get doused in a chlorine pool, which comes at the perfect time!  And I’m going to cut her toe nails for the first time.  We probably should’ve cut them sooner, but we had to celebrate this “birthday” somehow.  (weird, huh?)

I think Hannah’s biggest developments this month have been in communication.  The whining and rubbing the eyes is the “I’m tired” cue.  She turns away when she’s done eating.  She’s generous with laughs and smiles when she’s happy and pouts when she’s not.  She has a very cute frustrated grunt and red face when she wants her hands or body to do something but can’t quite get it right.  She loves shaking rattles and holding on to toys.  Her hands have gotten more nimble.  She’s pulled leaves off my African violet and knocked over my glass of tea.  She pants when she gets excited.  She’ll move her mouth in a chewing motion and flick her tongue in and out of her mouth (signs she’s ready to eat, I think).

Hannah still loves to stand up and watch the world go by.  She is very alert and perceptive.  I’ve been told a few times by strangers that Hannah’s sweet smile made their day.  A grandmother at the Botanical Gardens in Chicago even had tears in her eyes interacting with Hannah.  Daddy calls Hannah his little day-brightener.  A trip to the grocery store is no longer an isolated experience.  I have to be prepared to stop the cart for at least ½ the people in the store to dote on her.  Most comment on her big blue eyes and dusting of red hair.  I end up having many conversations with strangers.  And this proud mama loves it J

Hannah has become a fabulous sleeper!  It’s probably been more than a month since she woke up in the middle of the night for the pacifier.  She’s still on her 12 hour a night routine.  And now she takes naps!!!  She’ll usually take a quick one in the morning and a lengthy one in the afternoon.  She’ll sleep for an hour around 1pm then wake up.  Usually I can get her to sleep for two more hour long shifts.  Sometimes I take one with her J  It doesn’t take much to get her down.  I’m so thankful!  She used to be my alarm clock in the morning, but now that I’m working, I try to get a shower before she awakes.  I turn on the video monitor (love it!) and around 7:30 witness her start baby aerobics.  She lifts those legs up and down and hovers them just above the surface.  She’ll do this for about ½ hour!  You’d think she’d have abs of steel, but thankfully has a little baby belly.  If I could do my ab workout subconsciously, I’d have a six pack!

Hannah’s still camping out in size 2 diapers and 6 to 9 month clothes.  In the past few weeks, I’ve felt her get heavier.  She got a glowing report at the doctor’s.  I praise God daily for her health and development.  Her measurements have remained consistent:
            14# 11 oz  (25th percentile)
            26 ½ inches (80th percentile)

OK, Daddy’s home.  Time to take a family trip to the grocery store and get some rice cereal!

6 month photos and video to come!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hannah went on her first non family trip.  Chicago was the destination because Daniel had to work at the home office out in the Chicago burbs Monday and Tuesday.  The only time I'd been to Chicago was in February.  Not the time to most enjoy a trip there.  This time, we were blessed with sunny weather!  Hannah was a pro on her second flight.  Maybe I'm paranoid, but I always feel like people automatically hate me when I step on to a plane with a baby.  I was especially worried on our return trip when Hannah's two big distractions--nap and food--were over before the wheels even left the tarmac.  And Hannah was the only kid on the plane amongst a bunch of business men.  Never fear, Hannah raked in many complements about what a good baby she is.

We enjoyed a river skyline tour, the Navy Pier, Lincoln Park zoo, Millennium Park, shopping on the Magnificent Mile, and a mother daughter trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens while Daniel was working.  So blessed to have a baby that goes with the flow.  We did get her a new stroller for the trip.  This way she could look out and see the world rather than facing up.  She really enjoyed taking it all in!
Getting ready for take off!

Bundled up in my new stroller.

Slept through most of the river cruise.

Beautiful skyline...and the tour guide.

Sears Tower.

The pier had a bunch of distorted mirrors.  Hannah was not amused.

Family photo on the pier.

Yum!  Chicago pizza!  Don't be fooled.  I can hold any food up to Hannah's face and she won't bite.

Chillin with Daddy!

I'm as big as the skyscrapers!

Me and Daddy at the Bean.

Family Photo at the Bean.

Gorillas at the zoo.

I love the spring flowers!

Me and Daddy looking at the penguins.

Tulips at the Botanical Gardens.

To prove me and mommy were at the gardens.
I love standing up!


No pictures for this post, sorry!  This post is more about Hannah's Mom and Dad!  The beginning of April brought new jobs for both of us!  Daniel is now working for Meridian Compensation Partners.  He's basically doing the same thing he did at Mercer, but for a smaller, more specialized firm.  I'm proud of my little executive compensation consultant!  This was a great move for him and for our family.  Ironically, Daniel is working in the same building we both used to work at since Meridian once was a part of Hewitt.  He runs into some of our old co workers on occasion.  Daniel even has a fancy bio on the corporate page!

A job for me was not in the plans, as I "retired" at the end of last school year.  My name is officially still on the Fulton County substitute list.  I have to put in one day a semester to keep that up.  It's worth doing in case I ever want to return to education.

Once the first couple months of mommyhood set in, I began really desiring something to stretch my mind, use my skills, and get a routine going.  No coincidence that I heard about a job at our church as a missions assistant.  The thing that made me jump at the opportunity was the fantastic child care for Hannah.  She stays at the church with the sweetest ladies who love playing and cuddling with her.  Hannah plays with toys we don't have at home, but what she enjoys the most is watching the other kids.  I'm glad she has that stimulation.  And maybe this will help ward off separation anxiety.  I also joined the gym at the church, so Hannah gets to go play Monday, Wednesday, Thursday for work/my mental health, Tuesday and Friday for my physical health, and Sunday for my spiritual health. 

I really do enjoy my job.  It's a great fit for me at this stage.  I get to play a part in our church's investment in local and global missions.  I've gotten to meet some very passionate, God-loving people.  I get to work in an environment where people understand me because they understand my faith.  I get to join God where He is already working.  So much job satisfaction and an environment I've never worked in before.  I am very thankful!