Saturday, March 24, 2012


I LOVE this video!  On this particular day, Hannah spent her play time going up and down the stairs repeatedly, purse in tow.  Play time was exceptionally long this day as Hannah spent over an hour in her room but never napped.  We had a team of painters outside her window distracting her from her rest.  This was her third time down the stairs; the first and second times she laughed so hard I just had to capture it.  The novelty had worn off a little, but still a great get.  She’s a little delirious, no?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A New 'Do

Hannah's hair has dipped down into to her eyes and I recently used the word "mullet" to describe her hair, so Daniel and I thought it was time for the first cut!  We took her to a kiddie cut place to make an experience out of it--totally to benefit Daniel and I.  Hannah was a real trooper and really has no clue what happened.
Snip Its!
All strapped in!

Hannah greeting the other customers as she makes her way back to the chair.


Miss Grace blew bubbles before she got started.
And she turned on the TV.

Say goodbye to the mullet!
Hannah stayed really still for the few minutes under the scissors.

I read her a book to keep her head still. 

It's a group effort.

All Done!
Hannah got a card to stick in the prize machine

Out popped a ball...
...with a sticker inside!

Look closely and you'll see some dollar bills in the cart. 
Delivering the tip to Miss Grace.

Come back, Hannah!

Striking a pose with the new 'do.
Side view.

Happy girl!