Wednesday, December 14, 2011

13 months

The 13th month in 3 words:  Climb, wean, vomit.
While not walking, Hannah can sure get around!  Anything 18 inches off the ground or less has become a jungle gym for her.  We had to hide the Hannah-sized rocking chair she got for her birthday because she just wanted to stand on it.  She can stand up in high chairs and shopping carts.  No close calls, but we strap her in any chance we get.  She climbed up on Daniel's briefcase propped against the table the other day to get to his wallet-one of her favorite toys.  She can scale the steps but has no interest unless she's following us up there.  It's nice to not have to transport her from room to room, as she'll follow us around the house.  She has quickly transformed from baby to toddler.
Hannah has some things she's learned this past month that are cute.  Yesterday her hair bow came out and she tried to put it back, placing it on her head as if there was a magnetic force that held it there.  She was frustrated when it didn't stay.  She has fun taking things out of boxes and occasionally delights in putting them back in.  She's starting to stack her cups and put the rings on the Rock and Stack.  She presses the music button on her horse and does a little dance by thrusting her head back and forth.  At Kindermusik this week, each child was given a CD wrapped in tissue paper.  Hannah meticulously unwrapped each CD.  She's going to have fun at Christmas!  One of her favorite things to do is roll the balls that rattle across our hard wood floors.  She'll chase them down and roll them back to us.  Hannah's become more snuggly this month.  If Daniel and I are standing close to each other, Hannah enjoys flipping back and forth between us, being held in each of our arms for 30 seconds or so.  She really loves her daddy!
Weaning-We're done!  We were both ready, and now Hannah is drinking milk from a bottle.  Moving to sippy cup this month.
Vomit-Ugh!  I wish this wasn't such a large part of month 13, but it was.  Hannah vomited for 13 days in a row, anywhere from 1 to 4 times a day.  We had to wash and re-wash her sheets, car seat, clothes, high chair, carpet, etc.  During the time, we spoke to 2 different nurses and 1 urgent care doctor.  We thought at first it was residual mucus from a cold, but she was diagnosed yesterday with reflux.  24 hours later and a few doses of medicine, and we've hopefully kissed the vomit good bye!  Hannah never cried or seemed upset.  Maybe it upset us more than her.  We're praying we have found the solution.

I realized we've been slacking with the camera!  Below are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Nashville and our church's candy cane breakfast last Saturday.  You can tell Hannah had a blast. 

Hannah loved interacting with Grandma's cats.  The cats did not enjoying interacting with Hannah.

Hannah learns the right way to play with the kitty.

Triplets decorate the tree.

Finished product.  Maybe next year the ornaments will make it halfway up the tree.