Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hannah's "firsts"

What a month it's been!  I've been recovering from a c-section and little Hannah has been getting used to life on this side of the womb.  She had a rough start with some feeding issues but is now thriving and alert.  At her one month pediatrician appointment, she weighed 8 lbs. 13ozs and measured 21 1/4  inches.  She's gained almost one pound and one inch in one month.  Unfortunately, Hannah has her first cold.  We also made it through our first night with Daniel away from home.  Now for more "firsts" in pictures...
Mommy's first glimpse of Hannah

Hannah's first nap with Mommy

First time meeting Granddaddy Richmond

First time meeting Grandmama Richmond

First time meeting Grandmama Rodda

First time meeting Granddaddy Rodda

Hannah's first time in her carseat

The first time Hannah escapes from Daddy's swaddle

The first time in a non-hospital outfit

First thing Hannah did when she got home from the hospital?  Lay down in her crib.

Hannah's first glance at herself

Hannah's first sponge bath at home

Wrapped up in the towel

First time meeting Aunt Sarah.  Look how happy Hannah is!

First contortionist act

First time meeting Aunt Lisa

First time meeting Aunt Karen

Watching her first Lions game on Thanksgiving

First nap in mommy and daddy's bed

First nap on the couch

First time Hannah's paci got stuck to her face

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