Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tri State Traveller

Before the calendar hit February, Hannah had already traveled to 3 of the 5 states bordering Georgia (factoid presented by a former Georgia studies teacher).  With the grandparents in Florida and Tennessee and Daddy's college friends and alma mater in Alabama, I suppose it was only a matter of time.  She's got to meet some very special people along the way.  Hannah also had her very first plane ride at the beginning of this month to Orlando.  Traveling to Otown by air was a great first plane ride:  short, sweet, and full of many children.  The logistics really went off without a hitch.  Certainly helps that Daniel's medallion status earned us free checked luggage!  We were determined to give Hannah a bottle on the ascent and descent.  On the way to Orlando, she ate on the way up and sat in Daddy's lap for the flight.  On the descent, little girl wasn't hungry, so her ears made her cry for about five minutes.  There is so much noise on the plane, I doubt anyone more than 3 rows away could hear her.  On the trip back, Hannah fell asleep on the way to the airport and slept until we set foot in Atlanta.  Perfect!
Doesn't she look like a natural?  Afterall, she did fly to Sweden on the other side of the womb.

Hannah met two good friends along the way.  In Alabama, Hannah met Madeline, eleven months her elder.  Madeline's Dad Dan and Daniel are college friends and were the best man in each others wedding.  Here's Madeline helping her buddy learn to sit up.

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah met Channing.  Channing is two weeks older than Hannah.  Channing's Dad Andrew and Daniel have been friends for 26 years!  Andrew and Cauleen lived in Pasadena when Daniel and I lived in L.A.  We have some fond memories, including camping out for the Rose Bowl Parade together. 

Let's show everyone what good friends we are!  Let's hold hands!

Wait, you're not my mommy!

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