Friday, October 28, 2011

11 months

We are so very close to the big 1!  In fact, we went to Party City tonight to get Hannah a Halloween costume and some birthday supplies.  I couldn't let the month go by without her monthly update, though.  Besides the New England trip and pumpkin patch, the 11th month didn't yield many photos.  Below are a couple along with a few of our favorite videos from the month showcasing some of Hannah's new talents.  Overnight, she learned how to feed herself and drink from a sippy cup and straw.  She also has begun crawling with her belly off the ground and really cruising around.  Daniel and I simply act as her vehicle to move from one place to another.  She'll reach out her hand and we know she wants a change of scenery.  She'll lead us to where she wants to go.  She has 5 teeth (although I think she's working on balancing it out) and her hair is thickening, bringing more and more comments about her beautiful strawberry blond hair.  Hannah is not afraid of dogs, cats, water, strangers, or Halloween masks.  She's curious about everything.  The childcare workers still comment on her patient, busy, content personality, and we occasionally get comments about Hannah pulling hair, stealing pacifiers, or, my favorite, pulling up on a boy and then eating his jeans.  Hannah loves going to play while I work and pushes away from me to hop into her crib at nap and bed time.  She loves her sleep and is now strongly attached to her Latvian doll, Riga.  We bought Riga in Riga, Latvia while I was pregnant.  My favorite thing Hannah does is wave and say "i" for "hi."  Unfortunately, she will only do this to her imaginary friend.
Check out my teeth

It's sooooo hard for mommy to get a picture of me.  I'm always on the move!  

Hannah loved playing in the water at the base of a waterfall in NH.  Wonder what she'd do if Daniel wasn't holding on?!

This video was taken the first night Hannah starting feeding herself.  I took it when she was already getting pretty tired.  If you watch to the end, you will hear my favorite part of the video.

Round, round, get around, I get around...

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  1. Aw, Momma! So sweet. Wait till she says, "I wuv you" - I'm betting you'll tear up!