Saturday, April 7, 2012


Yep, that’s right, the big 3-0!  I’m always showered with love from friends and family and especially my husband.  Daniel has a knack for making me feel special.  He always celebrates “The Week of Angela” and does something special every day that week.  The above picture is one of his demonstrations of love...there is one thing he appreciates about me written on each of the 30 post it notes.  What a great thing to find in our bathroom early one morning!  From breakfast in bed to an early arrival home and a Daniel-made bar b q dinner, my actual birthday was perfect from A to Z!  I got a lot of Hannah hugs, too!

God’s taken me on a wild ride this decade…college graduation, moving to Atlanta where I knew not a soul, starting career #1 at Hewitt, meeting Daniel, marrying him after only dating 6 months (3 of which were long distance!) and being engaged for 8, moving to LA, traveling the U.S. (30 states!), moving back to Atlanta, starting career #2 and teaching 300+ 8th graders, earning my teaching certification, buying a house, pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, pregnant again, HANNAH!, job #3…I guess it’s time to be 30!

I give thanks to God for redeeming me from the bad and showering me with His good!

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