Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hannah's been taking a few steps for a couple of months now, but this week, she just took off!  I was shocked one day to look up and see her toddling around a corner, Frankenstein-esqe with her arms out.  Now she'll walk across the room and then some.  She still gets down on those knees and crawls about half the time. 
Daniel took this video.  Hannah walked all around the kitchen and living room with her baby doll and washcloths.  She loves wiping, smothering, and covering her baby with the washcloths.  She'll spend an hour doing it.  It was the first time Daniel and I both got to do chores while she played and walked around independently.  I love that she's now more capable of entertaining herself.  This video perfectly captures what she's been up to the past week.

Spring Break!

Who says Spring Break is just for students and teachers?  All of our typical weekday activities were cancelled this week, so Hannah and I got creative and did some exciting things around town.  Monday we went to story time at the library.  It's at the exact same time as Kindermusik usually is.  Tuesday we went on a mommy-daughter road trip an hour south to meet up with some MOPS friends for berry picking.  I set my expectations low and strapped on a back pack and off we went.  I was excited that Hannah got the hang of what we were doing and started to pick her own berries.  She hasn't eaten a single one, but I've enjoyed the fruits of our labor!

She gave herself a berry facial.

There were some farm animal that Hannah and her friends got to see.  (Note:  Hannah has a recent obsession with washcloths and napkins.  Hard to get excited about goats and friends when you have a napkin!)

Hmm...what does this napkin taste like?

OK, I'll look, but don't take my napkin!

Wednesday we waited all afternoon for a repairman :(.  Thursday we took a meal to a friend in Norcross and stopped by Historic Norcross and the train-themed park.  We didn't plan on the park so I neglected to bring my camera.  Friday was Catch Air, an amazing indoor play place!  We were there before the doors opened, so we had a nice time exploring with low traffic.  

We were both overwhelmed with the size of the place, so Hannah headed over to old faithful...the rocking horse.

Disappearing into the Toddler Bounce House

Hannah loved playing on the mini gym.  She was a good little treadmill-er. many calories have I burned?

Working out is serious business!


It's more fun to ride the elliptical!

Today all three of us headed to the zoo!  Hannah enjoyed her time more than see has before.  She's become a lot more interested in the animals.  She particularly enjoyed the rhinos, pandas, elephants, birds, and petting zoo!


Spring Flowers!

Our annual spring pictures at the church.  Out of the Bumbo seat this year, but difficult to snap those photos when she’s on the move.  


Yep, that’s right, the big 3-0!  I’m always showered with love from friends and family and especially my husband.  Daniel has a knack for making me feel special.  He always celebrates “The Week of Angela” and does something special every day that week.  The above picture is one of his demonstrations of love...there is one thing he appreciates about me written on each of the 30 post it notes.  What a great thing to find in our bathroom early one morning!  From breakfast in bed to an early arrival home and a Daniel-made bar b q dinner, my actual birthday was perfect from A to Z!  I got a lot of Hannah hugs, too!

God’s taken me on a wild ride this decade…college graduation, moving to Atlanta where I knew not a soul, starting career #1 at Hewitt, meeting Daniel, marrying him after only dating 6 months (3 of which were long distance!) and being engaged for 8, moving to LA, traveling the U.S. (30 states!), moving back to Atlanta, starting career #2 and teaching 300+ 8th graders, earning my teaching certification, buying a house, pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, pregnant again, HANNAH!, job #3…I guess it’s time to be 30!

I give thanks to God for redeeming me from the bad and showering me with His good!