Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Blogging Begins

Ninety-eight percent of women I know with young children have a blog. I’ve always enjoyed reading about their adventures in motherhood, knowing I could glean some good information for my own future experiences. In fact, before we were even pregnant, I came up with the semi-clever name for this blog. I saw maintaining a record of the thoughts and events of motherhood almost an obligation. Daniel’s been asking me when the blogging hormone would kick in. Well, eight months into the pregnancy, here it is.

Truly though, I am not starting this blog under maternal duress. As I’ve always been a better written than oral communicator, this is a great way of allowing glimpses into my life you might not otherwise know. It serves three main purposes: 1) A lovely keepsake for our daughter, 2) The best way to keep family and friends in the loop, and the most important 3) My number one role on this Earth is to serve and glorify the Lord in all my thoughts and actions. In striving for this, I will undeniably be the best wife and mom possible. If even one person can be encouraged in their faith through my musings, then my time is well-spent.

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  1. I too communicable better through written word than I do orally. (though the syntax of that sentence might get to differ). Looking forward to tracking your life with Hannah here!