Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beyond Blessed

I’ve been praising God daily for all of the blessings that have come my way during this pregnancy.  By all indications, baby is healthy, and I’ve had a great pregnancy.  I’ve been able to work part time and be surrounded by the friendly and familiar faces of my full time days.  I give thanks every day I can sleep in and do my own thing all day, knowing those days are very numbered.  My praises recently have been for such wonderful, supportive people I’m surrounded by on a daily basis.  I cannot go to a single store and not have someone wish me well.  The ladies at Publix insist not only on taking my groceries to the car, but unloading my cart, too.  Even as a substitute teacher, the middle schoolers held open doors and made sure I was comfortable.  That’s saying a lot for a bunch of teenagers! 

The blessing go on and on…
…a family who is letting us borrow more than half the “gear” a baby could need
…friends who give an entire Saturday to rebuild our garage steps to make them sturdier
…grandparents who have been blessed with gifts and talents that they are willing to spoil us with
…first time aunts who have showered love upon their sister
…“been there, done that” parents who have given us hand me downs and many words of wisdom
…gifts and prayers from family and friends, near and far--even Brazil
…co-workers hosting a bath and books baby luncheon
…Sunday school class having a diaper drop—a class tradition
…a baby shower hosted by some dear friends.  I was overwhelmed and honored (see pictures below).

As the calendar flips to November, your calls, texts, emails, and dates are very appreciated.  Daniel and I are grateful to have so many of you to share in our excitement!           

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