Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2 Months

Hannah is 2 months old today!  My goal is to take a quick video and some pictures on our couch each month.  I'm hoping to capture some of her new tricks and her physical changes.  This month, the pictures didn't capture her at her most photogenic moment.  She probably hates being snowed/iced in for the third straight day!  The video shows some smiling, talking, and her name song.  I made a name song for my baby sister Lisa and that helped her quickly learn her name on her own.  It thrilled me at 8 or 9 years old to know I had taught her something so important.  We both still remember the song today.  Daniel helped come up with the Mickey Mouse Club tune to fit Hannah's name and I ran with the rest.  Here's to hoping she can spell her name soon-ish!

Two month video:

Two month pictures:

Here's a video of Hannah at one month for comparison's sake.  She's learned a lot in a month!

I couldn't help but put up this video.  It's another one month old video, but about half way through she bumps her head and makes the funniest face.  Please don't judge me for laughing at this. :-)

And finally some photos of yesterday's adventure to find a local establishment that was actually open.  We had to get out of the house and are thankful to live close to retail and restaurants!  We ended up at Arby's...the only place open, operated by 2 people.  Hannah was bundled up and stayed warm and asleep.  Today was the third day of being iced in.  We tried to walk somewhere, but the sidewalks were too icy to venture out.  We literally were iced in today.  Tomorrow's not looking much better.  We're taking advantage of the lazy days and Daniel working from home.

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