Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm really thankful with the timing of Hannah's birth and the holidays.  Families naturally gather at the holidays and it was the perfect time to make sure most of Hannah's family got to meet her.  And it provided me with some relief from what can be a monotonous 3 hour cycle.  Here are some pictures from Christmas with the Rodda's and Richmond's.  I'm disappointed I didn't get any pictures of Hannah meeting some of my dearest friends-Jana, Tiffany, Sarah P., and Jessica and their families.  I was too preoccupied with good conversation to whip out the camera!

Christmas at our house with the Rodda's. 
Hannah meeting her cousins Sarah and Ginger.

Grandmama Rodda and all of her grandchildren.

So much cuteness in the craziness!

Next we celebrated our own Christmas, just the three of us on the 23rd.

No tree this year, so we put our gifts under the wreath.  Look closely and you'll see my alltime favorite gift!

There she is!

Daniel and I each got her a special gift for Christmas.  He got her a Bama dress.  I got her something I've been wanting to get her for awhile.  Daniel and I want her to be a confident little lady, knowing that God promises her she is beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11), wonderful (Psalm 139:14), and loved (Jeremiah 31:3).

Opening a gift with Daddy.
Clearly thrilled with all of her Christmas gifts
We celebrated Christmas day in Orlando with the Richmond side.  Hannah did wonderfully on the long drive.
Reading "The Night Before Christmas" with Daddy

Hannah and Grace with their great-grandmother

Fist pump, Mama!
My cousin Doug and his wife Bernice had Grace the same week Hannah was born.  How fun it will be to watch them grow up together.

Raise your hand if you love your mama!

Hannah and Aunt Sarah

Celebrating New Years in our PJs!


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