Monday, April 25, 2011

Five Months

I need to get better about posting the monthly update closer to the day.  Hannah has new tricks since April 12 that I will post in the 6 month update.  Thankfully, I do a better job keeping her baby book updated.  Two of the bigger things I can think about this month is 1)  Hannah's favorite position is standing up!  She loves to have both feet on the ground while we hold her hands or under her arms and 2)  Hannah is not a napper!  She'll sleep in the car or being held, but besides that, it's a cat nap here and there.  I am forever thankful that she is a fantastic night sleeper.  12 hours straight through the night on average.  Guess you can't have both.

We bought Hannah a 3month sized going home outfit since we were told our baby was going to be a big baby.  Well, she wasn't as big as we'd thought.  That means Hannah's got to wear her outfit for 5 months now.  I've had to pack away all of her 3 month outfits now, but I had to sneak her into the outfit one last time.

5 months
5 days old

More 5 month photos:

Caught blinking!

I LOVE taking a bath!

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