Friday, May 6, 2011


No pictures for this post, sorry!  This post is more about Hannah's Mom and Dad!  The beginning of April brought new jobs for both of us!  Daniel is now working for Meridian Compensation Partners.  He's basically doing the same thing he did at Mercer, but for a smaller, more specialized firm.  I'm proud of my little executive compensation consultant!  This was a great move for him and for our family.  Ironically, Daniel is working in the same building we both used to work at since Meridian once was a part of Hewitt.  He runs into some of our old co workers on occasion.  Daniel even has a fancy bio on the corporate page!

A job for me was not in the plans, as I "retired" at the end of last school year.  My name is officially still on the Fulton County substitute list.  I have to put in one day a semester to keep that up.  It's worth doing in case I ever want to return to education.

Once the first couple months of mommyhood set in, I began really desiring something to stretch my mind, use my skills, and get a routine going.  No coincidence that I heard about a job at our church as a missions assistant.  The thing that made me jump at the opportunity was the fantastic child care for Hannah.  She stays at the church with the sweetest ladies who love playing and cuddling with her.  Hannah plays with toys we don't have at home, but what she enjoys the most is watching the other kids.  I'm glad she has that stimulation.  And maybe this will help ward off separation anxiety.  I also joined the gym at the church, so Hannah gets to go play Monday, Wednesday, Thursday for work/my mental health, Tuesday and Friday for my physical health, and Sunday for my spiritual health. 

I really do enjoy my job.  It's a great fit for me at this stage.  I get to play a part in our church's investment in local and global missions.  I've gotten to meet some very passionate, God-loving people.  I get to work in an environment where people understand me because they understand my faith.  I get to join God where He is already working.  So much job satisfaction and an environment I've never worked in before.  I am very thankful! 

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