Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nine Months!

Wow, I can't believe my little monkey is nine months!  I call her that because she isn't much for sitting still these days hence the reason why her monthly couch pictures involve her moving around.  I am still very grateful that at the end of the day, right before I put her to sleep, I sing a bunch of songs to her and she lays still and stares into my eyes.  It's our special time. 
For a girl that isn't crawling yet, she can sure get around!  She rolls and rolls and swivels and reaches out for anything she wants.  Her favorite toys are her ride-on car, musical table, and music box.  Speaking of music, we start Kindermusik next week!  I think she'll love it!  Hannah won't pull up from sitting, but she does enjoy standing and is beginning to cruise.  She likes holding on to things that move--the swing, exersaucer, my hands--rather than something stable, like the coffee table.  I'm still sitting right behind her when she stands.  When she's done playing, she'll turn around and jump into my arms, give me a hug and kiss, which is more of a gnawing of the face but sweet none the less.  She loves using me to stand on and giving hugs and kisses.  Her hugs usually include pulling of the hair and kisses sometimes include use of the new teeth.  Her face always lights up when she sees Daniel.  Their special activity is playing with the stacking cups.  Daniel and Hannah could play with those cups forever!  She'll hold out her arms for either of us, but when she's hungry, I get the nod.  Hannah will take a few steps while holding onto my fingers.  Her laugh is adorable.  Sometimes it is woodpecker-like and other times it's a cute squeal.
Hannah is staying steady at the 25th percentile for weight (17 pounds) and 85th percentile for height (28.5").  She has two sharp little teeth that came in right after her 8 month birthday. She eats 3 spoonable meals a day.  Cereal in the morning and veggies for lunch and dinner, all followed by a serving of fruit.  The only fruit she's ever tried and not liked is prunes.  She tends to not like broccoli or peas and hates spoonable meat.  That stuff smells like dog food anyway!  We've still been incredible blessed with her sleeping habits--7:30 to 7-7:30 in the morning with a 2 to 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  She sleeps with her paci and a few comfort items in bed--her doll Riga Daniel and I got while on vacation in Riga, Latvia, a small purple blanket, and pink bunny lovie.  She has mastered the cry while holding her paci between her teeth.
Hannah's Dr. said her verbal skills are advanced for her age.  Hannah now says "ma" frequently throughout the day, but unfortunately, it's usually when she's mad at me.  I hear it frequently when I put her in her high chair then go and fix her food.  Maybe one day she'll learn to not use my name in vain!  She makes a lot of sounds, but I haven't heard "up" or "uh oh" in a while.  We're still doing signs for up, all done, mom, and dad.  She waves her arms in the air when she wants up.  Hannah can also help us putting her arms in her outfits and through the high chair and car seat arm straps.
A few favorite pictures from the month:

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