Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Friends

Today was a busy day for Hannah!  She got to "play" with two of her younger friends.  Tom and KK are friends of ours who went to Bama with Daniel and live in Birmingham.  We tend to see them more in the fall for obvious reasons.  Their son Parker is now 4 months old.  KK and Parker spent the night last night.  Yes, Hannah had her first (and last) boy spend the night.  But they were both caged and in separate rooms.  Daniel has already put a ban on any friendship between the two after age 10.  I'm sure these two will spend many a fall Saturday in Tuscaloosa together.  For now, Hannah has the upper hand in their relationship.
"Parker, look at me.  I'm in charge!"

Parker wants to make sure all his friends see him with the hot chick.

Let's wear crimson together.
 Next, Hannah got to see all of her friends at chilcare, take a nap, and go visit Kennedy!  I got to watch Kennedy for about an hour and see the two interact.  So sweet!

"Kennedy, let me read to you."
"Wow, Hannah, you're a good reader!"

"Awww...thank you, Kennedy!"

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