Friday, May 6, 2011


Hannah went on her first non family trip.  Chicago was the destination because Daniel had to work at the home office out in the Chicago burbs Monday and Tuesday.  The only time I'd been to Chicago was in February.  Not the time to most enjoy a trip there.  This time, we were blessed with sunny weather!  Hannah was a pro on her second flight.  Maybe I'm paranoid, but I always feel like people automatically hate me when I step on to a plane with a baby.  I was especially worried on our return trip when Hannah's two big distractions--nap and food--were over before the wheels even left the tarmac.  And Hannah was the only kid on the plane amongst a bunch of business men.  Never fear, Hannah raked in many complements about what a good baby she is.

We enjoyed a river skyline tour, the Navy Pier, Lincoln Park zoo, Millennium Park, shopping on the Magnificent Mile, and a mother daughter trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens while Daniel was working.  So blessed to have a baby that goes with the flow.  We did get her a new stroller for the trip.  This way she could look out and see the world rather than facing up.  She really enjoyed taking it all in!
Getting ready for take off!

Bundled up in my new stroller.

Slept through most of the river cruise.

Beautiful skyline...and the tour guide.

Sears Tower.

The pier had a bunch of distorted mirrors.  Hannah was not amused.

Family photo on the pier.

Yum!  Chicago pizza!  Don't be fooled.  I can hold any food up to Hannah's face and she won't bite.

Chillin with Daddy!

I'm as big as the skyscrapers!

Me and Daddy at the Bean.

Family Photo at the Bean.

Gorillas at the zoo.

I love the spring flowers!

Me and Daddy looking at the penguins.

Tulips at the Botanical Gardens.

To prove me and mommy were at the gardens.
I love standing up!

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  1. Angela, there are great photos!!! I love how you manage to make time to keep up with a blog. I really enjoy seeing her grow and explore the world. :) I'm so happy and excited to have such a beautiful niece and family!!!

    Love you!